DIRECTIONS - Two Hour Drive North to Mira Mar from Puerto Vallarta Airport
4 Take the road marked by a sign that says Compostela out of the airport.
4 Follow sign(s) to Las Varas/Tepic; pass the little town of La Penita. A couple of miles more to
Las Varas. Turn left; there’s a traffic light, but no sign. You're two-thirds of the way.
4 Past Zacualpan. Keep going passed a marked Y junction until there's a T junction with a sign
    that has an arrow to the left to San Blas, take that for 1 KM.

You'll see another sign: Sta.Cruz/Mira Mar, go right.
4Continue 1.5 kilometer to a sign for Restaurante La Manzanilla & Hotel Paraiso Mira Mar.
   Turn left.
(That is the La Manzanlla bus stop, see schedule below)
4Go a few hundred yards over rough cobble stone to the end and make another left, go over the
   little bridge and make the first right onto the driveway, to the end through the black gate.