Important: Time is one hour earlier in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco than it is in La Manzanilla, Nayarit.

Price: 100 pesos.
Time: 3 hours

From Puerto Vallarta to La Manzanilla

Departure Times (may vary): 9:30, 12:30, 3:00

The bus station is a short bus or taxi ride north of the airport.

From La Manzanilla to Puerto Vallarta

Departure Times: 7:20,10:20, 4:50

Note: The Bus will drop you in La Manzanilla, at the sign Paraiso Miramar. From there, walk down the cobblestone road toward the ocean, go left at the end, cross the little bridge, then make your first right to the black gate with a street light. It's about a quarter mile.

Adan & Rosa's phone number is 01 323 254 9314. Its a good idea to give them notice, for the keys to the house.